Hi, I’m Steven.

You’ve arrived at my creative writing space, where I usually explore the intersection of culture, design (systems), and psychology. I write frequently about things like EQ, leadership modeling, and the value of stretching comfort zones. Now, I’m also working on a children’s story!


I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior and what is happening beneath the surface. Several years ago, I started a cultural blog project called Initial Descent and then co-founded a social journaling app, Sideview, where you might notice some familiar branding (letters 2 & 3). 

I was inspired by Freud’s id concept, the instinctive part of our psyche. An underlying theme to my work has always been about encouraging free expression in a highly filtered world, and I coined IDspiration as my way of pushing people to be who they are with confidence.


  • I’ve worked in 5 countries on 5 continents; currently in Tokyo by way of Virginia, California, New York, Dubai, Amsterdam, and São Paulo (fun fact: In Japan, my name is クリメク スティーブン).
  • Most of my work has been focused on digital innovation (although I believe human-centered design can & should be applied anywhere on the org chart).
  • I’ve traveled to about 75 countries and flown more than 2.7 million miles (4.4 million km). I still stare out the window for every takeoff and landing (and silently judge people who close the shade while we’re below the clouds).


  • Don Norman (“A challenge to the designers of the world: Make signs unnecessary” 🤯).
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon (yes, my all-time favorite book was written for 5-year-olds), and other children’s books.
  • Reframing problems (we so often scramble for technical optimizations without exploring psychological solutions that often turn out better).


  • EQ is the most valuable yet least recruited skill in the working world.
  • Fluency in human-centered design is as valuable as any kind of language (programming or otherwise).
  • Failing a business, getting fired from a job, being stranded abroad, or facing some similar adversity will make anyone’s life richer by virtue of stretching their comfort zones.

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