IDspiration consists of the following regular contributors:   

Julian Valentine: The Relationship Advisor                                                                                                             

Through learning from his own relationships and closely observing those of his friends and colleagues, Julian has established a reputation as someone who truly understands what successful relationships require. He believes in attraction, balance and communication, and suggests that finding true love requires both independence and patience, and that being “picky” should be considered a compliment.


Thomas Rose: The Salaryman

Mr. Rose has never struggled with a lack of focus, instead always having a clear goal in mind and striving towards it. Always a high-achiever, he is used to being praised and respected, and despite his willingness to mentor others, can be an intimidating figure. While he has always been a professional success, there are times when Thomas wonders if there is a bigger-picture something for him to achieve.


Rafael Holiday: The Dreamer

Rafael would be on a permanent holiday if he could. A true explorer, he takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to see new places and experience different cultures. Once painfully shy, Rafael’s travels have helped him build the confidence and the outgoing nature to make friends of all kinds, no matter their color, creed, beliefs or personality types. In fact, it is this very diversity on which he thrives.


Johnny Gunn: The Healthy Lifestylist

Mr. Gunn is a talented athlete, and has taken the training discipline developed from his years of competitive sports to foster a healthy lifestyle. He loves to play basketball, football (either version), tennis and golf, and also has a habit of taking long runs while traveling as a way to explore new cities. Though he travels too much to consistently swim and cycle, he plans to do more of both in the future.


Akira Cain: The Poet

Kid Cain, as he likes to be called, has always and never been an artist. Despite his penchant for prose and poetry, photography and design and general sense of style, he has never been comfortable with the formal definitions of what makes one an “artist.” However, he would love for you to enjoy his work, ponder his ideas, and let him know if there are any great shoe stores or cafes in your city when he visits.


Kenneth Song: The Sensory Scientist

Kenneth is one of those lucky guys who never seems to have a bad day. He has the gift of always asking, in the midst of bad news, what the lesson was to be taken from the experience. He finds his happiness in the simple things–great food, great music, laughter and conversation–and is always tuned into his surroundings. He believes too many people walk through life with blinders on, and hopes to prevent that.


Steven Kensington: The Motivational Unconventionalist

Mr. Kensington’s primary passion in life is inspiring and motivating others to think creatively to achieve their dreams. He has coined a term, “unconventionalize,” which he often uses to inspire his audiences. Steven has a gift for helping people reevaluate situations they find themselves in, and then think strategically to get where they want to be. He believes the only real limitations are those we place on ourselves.



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