About IDspiration

IDspiration is about empowerment.

IDspiration is for the creative people, the dreamers, and the failures-turned-achievers. It is for the people who, when forced into a square, will do everything they can to prove that it’s actually a circle. The black sheep.

But it is also for those people who feel more comfortable following someone else’s lead. Who, despite its latency, have a passionate core trapped beneath layers perceived limits of what constitutes reality.

Part personal blog, part psychological experiment, part creative challenge and part general commentary, it is fully designed to inspire readers with different perspectives on life, love and relationships, business and careers, arts and dreams, balance and achievement.

IDspiration is about fostering a culture of empowerment, in which readers dream up the kind of life they would like to have, throw all perceived limitations aside–if only for a moment–and decide not to settle for anything less. IDspiration believes the life we do have is the life we accept, and the life we will have is the life we expect.

Please enjoy the content of this site responsibly.

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